Throughout our website you may hear terms such as "hand loomed", "hand canting" and many other terms that are relevant to our products.
All our products are unique in their own different way, as all our items are hand made and each item is individual. 
Whilst we may have many of the same product, slight variances will occur as sometimes we have many different artisans working to create each product. So there may be slight differences in pattern, colour and slight imperfections may occur.

Below is some information on our products such as how they are made and what techniques are used.


Canting & Stamping
Canting is a small tool used for applying wax to the cloth fabric.
Prior to the application of the wax, beautiful designs are hand drawn onto the fabric with pencil. This process can be tedious and time consuming. Once the wax has been applied to the fabric it acts as a dye resist on the cloth which is then dipped in dye. This process can be repeated as many times as needed. Once dyed, the fabric is dried and the wax is scraped from the fabric and washed in boiling water leaving behind the beautiful designs.
The stamping method is done by using a stamping tool which is used to stamp the wax onto the cloth fabric. This process is much quicker.
Many of of our fabrics and sarongs are either made using the canting or stamping method. 





Hand Weaving
Hand weaving is a process in which an item is woven with grass or twine to create a product.
Most of Worldly Artisans bags are woven using the hand weaved method.

Glass Blowing
All of Worldly Artisans glass ware range has been blown by talented and skilled artists.The glass is heated to an extreme temperate, where the glass blower will then blow through a tube to create a ball of molten glass.
The molten glass is then draped onto a peace of drift wood or teak roots.
At this point the molten glass will slump onto the wood and mold itself.